The original 5kerm

5kerm (also known as 5 kerm, 5Kerm, and 5 Kerm) is a "green ball" who is often depicted introducing itself.


5kerm originated from a game finished on 9/7/16 with the starting prompt, Kermit Overload, started by user EdricHarkins5 drew a simplistic Kermit head and drew the words "5 Kerm" next to it. The next user, BlipDog, misinterpreted it as a pea named 5 kerm. Scarlet Dream drew a picture of a pea introducing itself: "Hey, I'm 5 Kerm". Finally, ReddHood coined the iconic phrase: "Little green ball introduces himself as 5 kerm".


5kerm is a green ball or sphere, usually with a cheery face and no limbs. 5kerm does not have to be shaded, but often is.


Searching for 5kerm on Drawception search as of 12/12/19 returns 43 results, while searching for 5 kerm returns 33.

Many games based off of 5kerm have become top games (The 12 most favorited games of the past 24 hours. These games are featured on the homepage of Drawception).

It is worth noting that many of these 5kerm games were created by the same people, namedly ToolBiscuitVorebjorn, and drawingalpaca, but 5kerm has also surfaced in many other games.

There have also been many spinoffs of 5kerm, including 5yell (a Yellmo and 5kerm hybrid), 5trouble (a Trouble Muffin and 5kerm hybrid), 5brown (a brown variant of 5kerm), and 5gum (a 5kerm made of 5gum).