"All glory to the hypnotoad" was a Drawception 12-player, non-veteran game created by user Wallnut, and completed on March 29th, 2012. With over 1500 favorites, it currently holds the top spot on the 'Top Games' leaderboard.

Concept Edit

The concept of the game is based off of the Futurama character "Hypnotoad". The character is a large toad-like creature with large oscillating multicolored eyes, of which it uses to hypnotize people, animals, and anything else around it. In its debut episode, it participates in an animal show, in which it hypnotizes the judges into giving it first prize. While hypnotized, one of the judges yells the line "ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD!", of which thereafter became an internet meme coincided with the character.

List of Participants Edit

  1. Wallnut (Creator)
  2. TheSquidPope
  3. HydroMule
  4. Donkeythebard
  5. cilesia airell
  6. Thaíssa
  7. bijtis
  8. Tuko
  9. DukeLovesYou
  10. Trevor10809
  11. James16318
  12. Jonathan3912

Gallery Edit

All Glory To The Hypnotoad