A meme spin off of a very successful "Draw-first" game completed on August 31, 2016, Batman slaps a fish! is about exactly what the title describes: Batman slapping a fish. Very likely inspired by the non-Drawception meme, "My Parents Are Dead/Batman Slapping Robin", the very detailed first panel by Death By Squeegee continued to inspire essentially the same scenario throughout the whole game. This makes it technically antithetical to the stated nature of Drawception, but the absurd scenario of the starting prompt was enough to make it incredibly successful.

Multiple games followed either continuing the story or rearranging the words; many of these also became top games.

Fish gets revenge and slaps Batman

Batman shoots a fish

Aquaman Attacks Batman for Shooting the Fish

Aquaman and Fish Plan to Kill Batman

Batman & Fish finally make amends

Batfish slaps a man!

Fishman slaps a bat!

Fish man hasn't forgotten Batman

Batman craps a fish!

LEGO Batman Slaps a LEGO Fish!