Bee Week is an event similar to Shark Week where Drawception players create and play in bee related games and panels during 8th-14th August, but then changed to 12th-18th August in 2018 to coincide with national honeybee day (17th August).[1]


Bee week began as a single day where players would play and create in as many bee games as they could and was created by user RumbleRed, they started "bee day" because they thought it would be funny to see a swarm of bee games in the front page for a day, and decided to do it on the 8th to coincide with their birthday, and because they felt it was the most plausibly number to turn into a bee.[2] They created some games to tease about their idea of bee day, starting with a drawfirst of a bee in the shape of an 8, which teases the beginning date of bee day, and was completed a day before it started.[3] Bee day began with a PIO game encouraging players to create and play in bee games.

There were a few problems with bee day, the first being how the intent was to have all the games complete at the same time, but the spacing between them was too far apart, and the other problem was that Bee day was happening the same time as shark week, so the bee games were being overshadowed by the abundance of shark games. To solve these problems they decided to turn Bee day into bee week, and created a game saying that bee week was better than shark week, which was the first instance of the event being called bee week rather than bee day.[4][5]

Bee week ended with a game saying that the bees had flew away, and had the date 15/8/2013 (15th August, 2013).[6]


In 2015, bee week gained even more popularity, with players such as Rocket Scion, Vellidragon and BlitzGirl participating in the event. On August 10th, Bee week became an official event when Reed promoted it on the news bar.[7]


During bee week, a new Bee Theme was added to the store and was created by the user ElectricMongoose. a Drawing contest was made about Bee week using the new theme and the winner was Crocostyle, with a drawing of a snake rethinking its decision of joining the side of shark week instead of bee week, they were rewarded 50 coins (now ducks).[8][9]


Two contests were made for bee week in 2017, a caption contest and a drawing contest. The drawing that users had to caption was the 4th most liked drawing in the 2016 Bee week contest by drawception user Sharleen, and the winner of the caption contest was Sailor Rick with the caption "A "B" Cs "D" ".[10] The winner of the drawing contest was Death by Squeegee with a drawing of a bee playing a saxophone. Both of them were rewarded 50 ducks.[11]