Listed here are several lists of clone accounts on Drawception.

Desolation Clones Edit

Due to the popularity of the user "Desolation", there have been several clone accounts created attempting to mimic his style. Below is a list of these accounts:

  • Isolation
  • Desulation
  • Contretemps
  • Machination
  • Condemnation
  • waste
  • Mutation
  • Salutations
  • loneliness

Isolation Clones Edit

The topic of the clones of the user Isolation is rather interesting. This is due to the fact that Isolation himself started as a clone, but then as he gained popularity, he started to realize that copying Desolation wasn't what he personally enjoyed. He then proceeded to use some of desolation's techniques while mostly using his own. His popularity has since prompted others to try to copy him. Below is a list of Isolation's clones:

  • Unification
  • Replication
  • TheIsopancer
  • lsolation (with a lowercase L instead of uppercase i)

TheChronomancer Clones Edit

Pansear Clones Edit

  • Panspark
  • Panpour
  • Pansage (?)
  • Pansin
  • Panfrost
  • Panstone
  • P4N5AGE
  • Pansearmancer
  • TheIsopancer
  • TheChronomansear

a chair Clones Edit

  • a table

Secret Agent Man Clones Edit

  • Secret Asian Man

Trivia Edit

  • All of the Desolation clones were likely created due to Desolation's absence from the website
  • The Isolation clone seems to have preceded the rest of the clones by about two weeks
  • The Mancer clones have created their own backstories and lore
  • Pansage has been reported by Panspark as being already in use as a username, but nobody can seem to actually find a user with the name Pansage
  • Unification, while obviously a clone of Isolation, seems to use varying art styles of other users.
  • Replication has a very distinct talking gimmickcimmig gniklat tcnitsid yrev a sah noitacilpeR
  • Pansearmancer was supposedly the child of Pansear and Chronomancer. It was said to know the true meaning of life.