A Sarcastic Player's Rules of DrawceptionEdit

None of these are actual rules and replicating some of them could get your account banned.

  1. Jazza is a blonde man in a red shirt, not jazz man or Donald Trump.
  2. Never hit the skip button. Even if you have no idea what to draw/ type, just use question marks.
  3. Everything brown is Poo.
  4. All stick figures will eventually become Slenderman.
  5. Spiderman never stays as Spiderman.
  6. Dragons will become reptiles/dinosaurs and Vice/Versa.
  7. anything that reminds one of the lyrics of bohemian rhapsody, will always turn into
  8. You have ten minutes. Artists wish they had more time. Prompters probably don't use enough of it.
  9. There are two types of people in this world; those who see a mediocre drawing of a mouse and write mouse, and those who see a mediocre drawing of a mouse and write dog/cat/seal/panther/slug/snail/knight/cthulhu
  10. There are two types of prompters: Those who see a bad drawing of Batman and type "Batman", and those who see a bad drawing of Batman and type "Black Panther has an identity crisis."
  11. Writing that the panel you describe is a "bad drawing" is just a waste of characters.
  12. Slenderman never stays Slenderman
  13. Only call an MLP character MLP if you can't fit the character's name in the character limit. Because we ALL should be able to recognize MLP character without having to use Google.
  14. Anything Rainbow will be mistaken as gay symbolisim in the guess. 
  15. Link is Zelda. 
  16. All skeletons are Sans or Papyrus. 
  17. Waluigi is Wario, despite being a different color. Never say it's Waluigi, even if it obviously is. 
  18. If it's a prompt, someone will find a way to add Pokemon, Undertale and/or memes into it. 
  19. If a drawing or prompt has a fandom you don't like, it's ok to derail the game.
  20. if a prompt has man, boy or blonde in it, then draw jazza.
  21. Angry men are usually Trump.
  22. Drawings of Spider-Man will never truly be finished because the Spider Web pattern on his Costume is too hard time consuming to draw. Most usually go half way and then stop.
  23. Every Yellow Character is Yellmo and every Yellow object is Yellmo-Themed.
  24. If someone doesn't recognize a character from a Pop Culture Franchise, it's okay to report them.
  25. Waluigi is a trademark of the Chronomancer.
  26. Anime characters don't last very long. They usually just become "Anime Girl" or "Anime Character".
  27. "Not a Derail" is Drawception's version of "Not Clickbait".
  28. No one actually cares if you swear in the Comment Section. The Website automatically censors curse words but people just use umlauts and get away with it.
  29. Everyone on Drawception loves Undertale.
  30. All Undertale Characters anyone will ever draw are either Sans, Papyrus, Flowey, Asriel and Napstablook.
  31. All drawings of gorgeous landscapes will somehow always end up being made by experienced and very talented Players. As a result they will always get Top Game.
  32. Cont. Song games will work perfectly until the very end. Exceptions to this rule include Smash Mouth - All Star. All Star always works.
  33. Each Comment Section of a Cont. Song game will feature a comment from the OP saying "We almost made it".
  34. No matter how good you think the rest is, a game in which the first drawing is crude will never get top.
  35. All pink objects or characters will come out looking strange thanks to the Default Color Palette's limitations. The only options are Magenta, which is too dark, and Peach, which isn't pink enough.
  36. All drawings of the game Drawception itself will have the color White absent from the Color Palette since it's being used to draw the background.
  37. If the prompt is mispelled, don't draw what you think it's supposed to say, draw what you think it says would be. (eg. "Pokechu" draw a bootleg Pikachu or With with a broom, literally draw the word with.)
  38. If you ask people to draw something Steven Universe-related and don't specify further than that, they'll always just draw Peridot.
  39. If you ask people to draw diamonds, jewels, gems, gemstones, etc. someone will likely try to fit Steven Universe in it.
  40. If you write a Caption or create a Drawing related to a Space-Themed Pop Culture franchise, it's eventually going to become non-specific. (eg. X-Wing becomes Spaceship, Death Star becomes Giant Pac-Man in Space)
  41. You never really have 10 Minutes to draw. You spend 5 Seconds staring blankly at nothing before actually processing the text on screen, then another 20 Seconds Googling reference images.
  42. Sayori hanging will likely attract either Jazza, Yellmo, Logan Paul or Monika.
  43. Roblox will always be Roblox vs Minecraft or Roblox death sound or about a noob. No escaping.
  44. You can always submit after 7:00. Unless there’s almost nothing or nothing.
  45. Anything involving a sentient object should be turned to BFDI or II.
  46. PIO games WILL be derailed at some point.
  47. Games with themes are 50% more likely to become top games.
  48. Derail any and all sublimal batmans and pizzas to Batman and pizza respectively.
  49. The Last Panel Curse has a 99.9% chance of occurring, which is when all panels are consistent except the last one.
  50. Drawing at 88 mph in non-blitz games is a very bad idea because you can’t post before two minutes are up. Wait until 8:00 before posting.
  51. Can’t draw Trump? Draw an orange face.
  52. Can’t draw a turkey? Draw the Turkish flag. Yeah
  53. Cults of personality (Jazza, Aku Wearing Aku Aku, etc) are NOT allowed. You must do your part in the Drawception community and derail these games for our good.
  54. OooOOOoOo is derailing Drawception games with either Shrek or Eat Pant. If you see either in the prompt, do not draw it. Draw something else for the sake of the community.
  55. Following a derail will simply spread the misery to others. If you see what you think is a derail, end it.
  56. All games that have a panel that says comic will turn into loss.
  57. Anything purple will become Thanos, no exceptions.
  58. When captioning a drawing of Ralsei, always misinterpretate
  59. Games with sans and some other popular character on Drawception will most likely get top, maybe on the all time leaderboard.
  60. If you go into a game related to the skip button, you failed.
  61. If you see a Minun drawing, turn it into Blue Pikachu.
  62. SFW Games Don´t Have To Be SFW.