Daviseti is a Drawception user who joined in 2016 and started making some really shitty drawings but they improved fast. For some reason, people follow them and like their drawings. Daviseti was born in 1999 in Spain but nobody cares.

Importance Edit

    • They created the Kawaii Cactus, wich was meant to stop derails (by derailing...) but it was eventually used to derail games so the Kawaii Cactus had to die before becoming a thing. Maybe Kawaii Cactus will come back from the dead one day???
    • They are known for really hating trolls and telling everyone to report the people who derail on pourpose.
    • They are also known for their rivality with Jenny1212123, who tries to insert her cancerous Sans x Undyne porn whenever she can.

After some time of acting strange it turned out there were two of them in the same account, one more chill and one more angry. The real one is the chill one.

So the real Daviseti made his own account called I am Grey, later renamed TheRealDAVISETI.

The other Daviseti, auto-named Seti, went more inactive due to not liking the changes the forums and comunity were experimenting.

After TRDaviseti got tired of the new users and went a bit insane, some bizzare fiasco happened involving an image of a corpse.

Account deletion

After an incident involving the previous event and the Offtopic Chat, Daviseti deleted their account and left drawception because they felt unconfortable with the comunity and frustrated in general, and the likelihood of they ever returning to drawception is very slim.

Seti though, continued to appear from time to time despite disliking most of the currently active users but gradually stopped being active in the website, likely forever.

In 2018 TRDaviseti made yet another account with another name which they only used to post some art and advertise a discord server, but they aren't very active.

Stuff Edit

  • Davi is laid back and chill
    • Seti is more intelligent, but usually angry
    • Davi likes drawing, videogames and memes
    • Seti likes videogames
    • Davi usually feels kinda depressed when they're not with their friends
    • Seti likes to be alone but still likes to be present when impostant stuff happens
    • Davi has a hard time controlling his emotions or anger issues
    • Seti doesn't have issues with emotions and is usually more serious
    • Davi was shipped with the user BunnyBunz, who they liked before the ship existed (currently just friends)
    • Seti doesn't have or want ships, only friends

Other Edit

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