Overview Edit

Dr. J is a standard user on Drawception. His drawing style can be described as very cartoony, and a large amount of drawings he makes use a set of particular characters, making them somewhat recognizable.

Characters Edit

As mentioned before, Dr. J uses a set of specific character in a lot of his drawings. While he continued using them, they're personalities started to grow. Here is a list of some of his characters and a summary of their descriptions.

  • J: A small teenage boy who constantly gets into trouble.
  • Ginger: Nice girl with magical abilities.
  • Unami: A large girl with a massive obsession with J.
  • Mona: J's older sister and Unami's best friend.
  • Zina: Another friend of Unami's.
  • Hailey: A closed off popular girl.
  • Wesley: An overconfident geek.
  • Bethany: A prodigious young hacker and rival of Ginger.
  • Draco: Ginger's adopted younger brother.
  • Matthew: A boy who is also a cow based super hero.
  • Heartache: J's evil alter ego, angered at the world for his mistreatment.
  • Bomer: A bomb who likes ice cream and exists in a separate universe from the other characters

Full descriptions of the characters can be found here:

Trivia Edit

  • Dr. J's original username was "Hacker Girl", though it's unknown why he had this name, he changed it once he got enough coins to.
  • Dr. J hates it when J's hairstyle is mistaken as an afro.