SuperalviCP is a Drawception user since January 25, 2017. He quit in April 2017.


The day 25/01/17, Superalvi was searching for magic tricks. He saw a game called "The Magic Ends Here", that's about a bunny that lost its magician and now is homeless. He left the site, but came back later, as he was bored.

SuperalviCP's first drawing was "A sailor pig steals a rocket girl's head", which was also the last panel in the game. His first caption was "The cat that could bark", that was actually Gabe the Dog, an internet meme, which died a few days prior. Some of his drawings, like "shirtless bodybuilder has lost his pants" and "A boring draw" featured some color, instead of being only outlines, but his first full-colored drawing was "award winning leaf". "If IPhones were made in the 1600s" was his first drawings with a background. Since "kitten mittens", all his drawings have a background and are fully colored.

He has two characters: One is a very unlucky teen with brunette hair and blue shirt, and the other is his Club Penguin user, that's featured in his profile picture.


Characters and LocationsEdit

  • Unlucky Kid: A teenager boy who has brown hair and a blue shirt. Often seen in bad situations.
  • Penguin: His Club Penguin avatar. Has black shirt and red hair. 
  • Bob: The stickman who appears in his drawings. Whenever Superalvi draws a stickman, it's Bob.
  • Broccoli: A cute broccoli who hates bread. Used to be Bob's pet. First depicted without a face.
  • Field: A simple field. It is just grass with a blue sky. In a drawing, it is shown it is located at a farm.
  • Building: People often jump from this building.
  • Gray-haired Trump: Not intentional, just a mistake. Is not drawn anymore, as Superalvi now draws Donald Trump properly, with blonde hair.


  • He likes reusing scenaries for multiple games. For example, the building in this panel is the same as in this one.
  • The first time he drew a penguin (in Drawception), it was just a normal penguin, but already designed like Club Penguin's. However, it's not the same penguin as Superalvi.

Cover DrawingsEdit

The following descriptions were used for drawings in SuperalviCP's cover.

  • Yellmo's a cool dude.
  • Scooby Doo as Yoda
  • Jelly donut smeared on a brick wall
  • Prison
  • Remembering a story about embarassing art.
  • Ya liek Swamps?
  • Happy sunrise over round mountains
  • Bird hurts man's butt (?)
  • Kitten mittens
  • Shrek
  • King Cow
  • DJ spongebob
  • pearl is very angry