Elmo is a character from the TV series Sesame Street.

He is a red monster with an orange nose, and is very upbeat. He is only three years old.

Family Edit

  • His father is called Louie, who volunteers.
  • His mother is called Mae.
  • He has an aunt called Jill, who married Louie's deceased brother Jack.
  • He has a cousin called Jesse (Jill's daughter).
  • He has an older sister Daisy.
  • He has two pet goldfish: Dorothy and Milestelly. (He used to have another one, Bubbles, but Bubbles died.)
  • He has at least one set of grandparents.
  • In Drawception, he has a cousin called Yellmo who has a son named E-mo, but they are not canon.

Appearances and traitsEdit

He has appeared as Cyclops Elmo  but suddenly grew a second eye and became Steve Jobs. He  loves Gangnam Style , habitually pokes his eye on French fries and rulers , and is a zombie . He also 'door ditches ', faints due to his inability to cease laughter , and is possessed , 

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