The meme Fek u bort started with a drawing made by Drawception user Unknownrat in the game Quoth the Raven, "Eat my shorts!". However, the meme did not gain popularity until a thread was made in the Artroom forum called Redraw this buetiful image in your own style, which encouraged people to redraw the image in their own artstyles with or without their own characters. After this, a vet game called Homer reprimands Bart was made and got top, which helped spread the meme to the masses of people who don't use the forums. Another game known as Guy is getting the death stare from a girl was made, which also showed many images of Homer flipping the bird. This game was also immensely popular, and helped solidify the fact that it was a meme and not just a passing joke. The most recent game to get top was a game simply known as Homer is mad at Bart. was made, and this time 7 out of the 8 images depicted or parodied the original image. This game also has an example of the meme's effects on the comments, seeing how most of the comments are people saying different versions of "Fek u bort".

It should be noted that Unknownrat is not yet a vet, so it is recommended you follow him.