Isolation is a Drawception user who joined on November 30, 2016. He based his drawing style after the well-known user Desolation.  Isolation's style became more widely recognized when he created pictures using the drawing technique that can be achieved with an xbox. With the style being distinctive and his active presence in the Drawception forums many of his drawings began being captioned as "Isolation doing something", "Isolation is something", etc.

In late February 2017, Isolation and several of his known alt accounts flagged several games in which users had similar legdad panels. The result was over 20 players with flagged panels, 5 players with limited accounts to the point that they could no longer play. Reed then made the decision to ban all players who flagged and all accounts tied to their IP address. It was then noted that Isolation and his known alt accounts were all banned. He blamed the flagging on a unknown sibling who was of "too low rank" to flag and therefore hijacked all of his accounts to flag the games. This is widely not believed among drawception users. Isolation is known to get overly defensive whenever someone implies that they do not believe this explanation.

Isolation has created several new accounts, but following an incident in which his mother demanded he cease interaction with Drawception, these accounts were all deleted. There are still some of his accounts left in working order, but Isolation himself has stated that he's done with Drawception due to being burnt out after so many accounts. 
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