"LegDad", also known as "Leg Dad" or "Daddy Longlegs" is yet another inside joke on Drawception. LegDad is a character, presumably a Pokemon, who is a nude man with 6 to 8 legs who walks around like a spider. In the game "giant spider crab", finished on February 19 of 2017, the sixth panel, drawn by user Ubr, is the first appearance of the character. He since then has been featured in a number of games, including "new pokemon pio", the game LegDad was originally most recognized for.

On March 3, the top game "leg dad gives a ted talk" completed, with almost every panel looking suspiciously similar. Around the same time, other games involving Legdad began to include him doing a TED talk, including another top game the very same day, "legdads final form". Following this, Legdad was invariably linked with TED talks.