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12monkey's avatar

messenger 12 (also known as 12monkeys) is a user on Drawception who is also among its most prevalent users on the site.

Description Edit

His usual behavior on the site comprises mainly of:

  • Writing a single forum post involving a single word.
  • bumping forums that he wants to do something on, but eventually giving up on it.
  • playing the game by mostly writing prompts.
  • drawing and posting his (mostly pencil drawn) art

Messenger 12 possess an unusual behavior of looking for trolls and the damage they cause on the site, the possible explination for this is to probably find amusement.

Avatar Edit

12monkey's avatar is usually portrayed as a short, grey dromeosaur or troodont of an unknown genus with a pair of red eyes that lack any form of pupils, and possessing reflections portrayed as orange spots.

A recent addition to the character is a T-shirt with a red 12, a pair of orange shorts, a more upright posture, a more rounded head and a collection of feathers on the forehead that forms a "bang" hair style.

The character is usually accompanied by a squat, green creature(presumed to be an amphibian) wearing a violet sweater and a pair of shoes.

Trivia Edit

  • The name was actually intended for it to be a test name, but it became stuck due to him not possessing enough coins.
  • The name was based on a 1995 film of the same name
  • His avatar underwent several redesigns over the years.
  • He is autistic, and possesses a low self esteem in real life.