Moe Spaghetti MonsterEdit

Moe Spaghetti Monster (モエ.スパゲッティ.モンスター) / MSM

For the Pastafarian Deity, see Flying Spaghetti Monster

Moe Spaghetti Monster (pronounced mo-eh) descended upon this world after accepting an offering of cookies made in Spaghetti and meatballs, July 1st, 2012. Somewhere along the way, MSM came across Moethulhu and the two have become close friends and even created a folk duo known as Heresy Time. Since her appearance, she has often been spotted with Moethulhu and is the other half of Nyancatimusprime's "moe mascots".

Character designEdit

MSM is generally depicted as a girl with flowing spaghetti(-like) hair, complete with "meatballs". Her easy-going nature is shown through her ever present smile. Her eyes are always closed and have not yet been seen to date. No one knows what will happen if she opens her eyes. In addition to her regular eyes, she has eyestalks on the top of her head which change with her expressions like Moethulhu's "hat". She wears a large, brown top with long sleeves that often cover her hands. Her design is meant to evoke the Flying Spaghetti Monster - deity of the lighthearted religion - Pastafarianism.