Moethulhu (モエトゥルー) / Cutethulhu
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Not to be confused with Poeticy's Cutethulhu

Hailing from the underwater city of R'lyeh, sister city of Rapture, Moethulhu first awaked from her slumber in Cthulhu Smurf, April 24th, 2012. Since then, she has made increasingly frequent appearances as Nyancatimusprime's "mascot" alongside her friend and fellow deity - Moe Spaghetti Monster.

Obscure to some but well-known to others, her name (pronounced as "mo-eh-thoo-loo") has led to some confusion and the creations of Moe Szyslak'thulhu and Moe Howard'thulhu. While not a mainstream presence on Drawception, she has gained a small cult following.

Character designEdit

Moethulhu is generally depicted as a girl with orange-yellow eyes and long green hair. She wears a white, cyan-lined, shoulder-baring top with short but flowy sleeves and a skirt with overall-like extensions that go unused. Her wrists and ankles are adorned with strange bands that are rumored to contain Moethulhu's powers. Her most distinctive feature is her "hat" which also has its own pair of glowing orange-yellow eyes that are either found in a scowl or changing with Moethulhu's own expressions. This hat, combined with her hair, is supposed to evoke the tentacled face of Cthulhu upon whom her design is based. Her first appearances also had her sporting a pair of wings which would later be cast off due to practical and aesthetic inconvenience.