History on the site Edit

PikachuLover is a user who joined in April 2014. PikachuLover has an alternative account, TheAmazingPikachu, which was created in September 2014.

Avatar Edit

PikachuLover's avatar is of a simple stickman wearing Pikachu ears on a sort of headband. Her original profile picture, using the default 'Post-It note' background colour, had her Pikachu in the picture, while PikachuLover herself was the same colour as the background.

The new design is white, and features a new eye design, and the Pikachu is not present.

Plastic Ikea Chair Edit

Stemming from a Skype conversation, Pika is also an Ikea Plastic Chair. Her Skype bio stated:

"I am a plastic Ikea chair. Fear me, bow down to me, for a I am a being superior than to this pathetic human race. I will get my revenge. For soon, all people will be dead. Soon, Plastic Ikea Chairs will have taken over this very earth, and will force humans to extinction. We will feast on your souls"