Pingas is a Drawception user that joined on June 13th. He joined because he was also a member of VGBoxArt [here ], and saw a link to this site, so he clicked it, and joined. He was originally named Nack the Weasel, but then a week or so later changed his name to Pingas.

In September or so Pingas revealed that he was a Flygon (embarrasingly, with a red polo still left over from when he was a human). Later, he was in an identity crisis but decided to stay as a Flygon.

In late September, due to his mother blocking the site and that Drawception had changed the layout (and that the avatars didn't work on the school computers), Pingas decided to quit, and that caused quite a stir. But a week later, he came back.


  • Pingas draws with a mouse. Yes, he does.
  • Despises many memes.
  • Dislikes change.
  • Collects video games.
  • Likes permanent markers. '