President Putin is a Drawception User who joined in November of 2017. He is known to be obsessed with the country of Russia and for his Pink Nose Eye Socket style of drawing. He also likes to spend his time in the Forums, either participating in forum games or general discussion.

He discovered Drawception by watching DrawWithJazza's video about Drawception, where he inserted his avatar into every game he saw. Putin didn't immediately join, for he feared what the website looked like. After several months of doing nothing, Putin remembered the video, and created an account.

On June 1, 2018, Putin was involved in a Pride Month PIO game in which he got into a massive argument. Enraged, he left the website. He later went back on the website under an alternate account named "TheGinger526". This was exposed to be him, and after being in a second argument about a joke, deleted all three of his accounts. A week later, he made a new one, and still plays to this day.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Putin doesn't use a drawing tablet or a mouse. He uses his built-in stylus for his Samsung Galaxy Note 8.
  • He had a game devoted to his style titled "draw in President Putin style PIO".
  • When he first created his account, he was named "RLPDraws" for some reason.
  • His current style was based off of the Putin sausage from the mobile app Run Sausage Run!.
  • His favorite art style is that of J.J. McCullough's.
  • He has two accounts: President Putin (his main) and Cyrillicatures (his caricaturing alt).