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Revvv (also known as IWantMyRevolver and Rev) is a user who joined the site in April 12th, 2017, and had reached level 65, before the removal of levels.

He is known for a distinct art style, with light blue shading similar to Doggybag comics, and has confirmed him as his source of inspiration.

In the forums revvv is quite active, and is ususally found in the general forums. Revvv has also suggested numerous palettes in the palette forums.


On July 3rd 2018 Revvv started streaming drawception on twitch, Their first stream went pretty well, with little to no problems occurring, and roughly 10 people watching the stream. For his first 2 streams he used the ANBT enhancement script, but now disables it before streaming after Reed suggested to disable it to have a better chance of being featured on the news bar. On August 18th 2018 Revvv started a new schedule for his streams, that being Tuesdays and Saturdays 7 CST.

On december 1st 2018 Revvv hosted a drawception bingo stream where players watching the stream are given a bingo board which includes things that frequently occurs during his streams such as voice cracks, Singing, dropping his pen, and someone coming in the room during the stream. In the end, Blodhgarm was first, Jade Rabbit came second, and Drawynoid was third. Each of the winners were rewarded with a drawing by revvv, and a special prize which was a video of revvv signing take me home, Country roads.

Drawception GeographicEdit

Drawception Geographic is a series of videos that began in September 2018 and was created by Revvv to teach people about Drawception’s history, community, characters, site features and more. Revvv created a discord server for people to help find information, proof read scripts, suggest future episode ideas, and other things to help make the videos.


so far, 3 videos have been made:

  1. Drawception Geographic 1: the site - 12th October 2018
  2. Drawception Geographic 2: Profiles - 11th November 2018
  3. Drawception Geographic 3: The Gameplay - 28th December 2018