Rusted One Edit

Information Edit

Rusted One is a member who joined Drawception on October 27th, 2016. He was not widely known on regarded as a member during his first days playing on the website. This was until he switched his caption style during December 2016, but later stopped by February 2017 after his limitation. The caption style included the disregard and exclusion of fandom character names, PIO topics, continue phrases, and ungeneric concepts deemed to be a "bad idea". He used an alternate account, "Cursed one" to continue until March 5th, 2017. This account was never limited. The reason he ceased playing has not been disclosed, but he is still active in the forums.

"Rusted Captions" Edit

Rusted One rarely draws. Instead, he captions in a very specific way- the "Rusted Caption". These captions never mention any fandom-related characters, and rarely mentioned real people. These were deemed "reverse shoehorns" by many users, included Rusted One himself, doing the effective opposite of a shoehorn. These captioned intentionally misinterpreted or dissuaded correct interpretation to let games become more diverse and less fandom oriented. This resulted in Rusted one being deemed by many to be a derailer.

Rusted One does not include PIOs or continues in his captions and mostly ignores any text in the panels, unless it improves the game.

Rusted One's account was limited, despite technically not breaking any rules. He had had several panels removed and reinstated by Reed, but according to Rusted One, he has "ceased emailing reed about removed panels" as of today.

Important Influences on Drawception: Edit

Rusted One has made little contribution to Drawception. His ideologies have been debated over by many, and he has been viewed in multiple lights due to his seemingly innocent case and claim to lack knowledge concerning the characters he does not acknowledge or identify. His aggresive demeanor has become more calm over time, yet he still claims to hold fast to his views about and disregard toward the PIO concept, fandoms, and memes. Rusted One continues to preach about his ideologies, and there are many who support him and many who oppose him.