Background Edit

A slightly oblivious and conceited player that still fangirls to herself when a game she's in is on the popular page. She tends to slightly misunderstand a lot of things ex. 'Art Anthropology' became 'Ant Anatomy' to Sammi because she reads too fast. Her tools of trade are Intuos 5 Pro and a mousepad on a crappy HP laptop. Sammi admires all of the vet artists, especially Shannon-akimbojoe, Nap Dragon, Blitzgirl and many more. She's so conceited that she makes games about herself and she even wrote her own wiki page. Had a slight hiatus from February to October of 2014.

Profile photo(s) Edit

Her profile pictures are always of her original characters, her current one depicts a blue-to-red-haired girl in a gas mask named Scar. Scar has a background story of being Satan's daughter, the literal spawn of Satan. Sammi does not promote Satanism in any way, shape or form but she claims it just made a good background story idea, because she's known for not giving any of her original characters background stories in the first place since she's so lazy.

Where to find Sammi Edit

Sammi is also known to be bad with links