TheChronomancer is a Drawception player who joined on November 17, 2016. When he first joined, he started by shoehorning Waluigi into many games, however thankfully he stopped doing this. He's more known for being that one guy who was always playing, although his number of games per day has drastically decreased since early 2017. Throughout the first half of 2017 he tried being overly nice and fake in both the forums and comments. He then disappeared in October, and returned near his one-year anniversary in November 2017. But this time, Chrono was back and he was salty. Like, really salty.

Chrono is almost always active on the Forums, mostly sticking to General and Suggestions. He is notorious for speaking his mind and caring little about how much of an asshole it makes him seem, as evidenced by the fact he's calling himself an asshole while editing this. Chrono is also quite active on the Drawception Discord and recently has found a liking of drawing on the new DC test server under his alt, TheSpatiomancer.