TiKAL is a retired Drawception user. He was level 53 before levels were removed.

History Edit

On November 1st, 2016. TiKAL joined Drawception. His first caption was "confused monkey", and his first drawing was "A rotten orange dreaming of an old timey iron".

On July 20th, 2018, TiKAL officially retired from Drawception, his reason being the game was no longer fun to him due to Reed's recent updates. His last game was "Woman murdered under dark tree".

Recent Top Games Edit

Latias and Latios?

Reed making terrible update

Draw a Pokemon that Fits Your Theme PIO

Cover Drawings Edit

These are TiKAL's cover drawings, left to right, up to down.

1. Free Draw P.I.O.

2. Green Uranium Demon

3. Geometry Dash(?) [Ti]

4. A robot bird standing on giant letters [KA]

5. GeometryDash UFO his higher ground than Spider [L]

6. Shiny trash

Trivia Edit

  • TiKAL is kind of active in the forums.
  • TiKAL plays Geometry Dash.