Listed here are various tools. Use at your own risk and keep in mind that Drawception is presently in beta test... bugs are a fact of life. On the site itself, there have long been discussions of such tools, but many become outdated with ongoing changes to the site.

User-generated ToolsEdit


Like All PanelsEdit

This bookmarklet allows you to "Like" all the panels in any given game with a single click. Easiest way to do this is to create a bookmark on your browser's bookmark bar. Just select all the code below, and drag-and-drop it (or copy-paste) to your bookmark bar, making sure to give it a short but memorable name for future reference:
javascript:(function(){function c(){if(jQuery(a[b]).parent().next().attr("href")!=jQuery("div.btn-group.pull-right>a.btn-primary").attr("href")){DrawceptionPlay.likePanel(jQuery(a[b]).attr("data-original-title","Unlike").attr("id").substr(5),"Like")}b++;if(b<a.length){window.setTimeout(c,50)}}var a=jQuery("a.likebutton");var b=0;c()})(); 

Note: You might have to click (F5) to refresh the page in order to undo any Likes, should you change your mind. May not be necessary for all users.
Credit: Talon
A version that works with the new Drawception design as of 17th October 2013, needs no refreshing and doesn't attempt to like your own panel:
  var username = $(".glyphicon-user").parent().text().trim();
    function(k, v)
      if ($(v).parent().parent().find("a:last-child").text().trim() != username);
Credit: Grom PE


ANBT - Enhancement scriptEdit

Script for Chrome, Firefox and Opera that adds tablet support with smooth pressure sensitivity, secondary color and color-picking, keyboard shortcuts, sandbox with palettes and uploading to imgur, like all, quick menu buttons with old browser support, fixes some site bugs and includes other enhancements.
Works with the newest Drawception design and currently supported by the script author, Grom PE as of September 2014.
ANBT Userscript
ANBT Discussion in Drawception forum

User-developed "Skins"Edit

surasshu's skin Edit

Also requires the "Stylish" add-on for Chrome - link to the Chrome Web Store, which lists the source as Credit: surasshu

Dark gray style by Grom PEEdit

For those who like Drawception layout in darker colors. Also requires Stylish add-on or similar CSS-adding functionality in the browser to use.