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Trouble Muffin is a muffin that means trouble (especially to German girls). He is identified by wearing an eye patch on his left eye, and being dotted with blueberries.

Often mistaken as "Pirate Potato", "muffin with eye-patch" and, most famously, "cupcake", to the extent that in Trouble Muffin's heyday, most descriptions that wanted cupcakes got (usually correctly) interpreted as Trouble Muffins. Do not call Trouble Muffin a cupcake.

He will be portrayed by actor Liam Neeson in the live-action Drawception movie coming this summer, next summer.

Trouble Muffin Forum Thread:

In June of 2012, someone created a player account under the name Trouble Muffin, presumably to favorite all of the games referencing the character.  It has not been updated since August of 2012.  The first game favorited by the player known as Trouble Muffin was completed on May 11th, 2012.  

Trouble Muffin's profile page: