Undertale is a video game which appears to be popular on Drawception.

Characters Drawn in It Edit

Sans and Papyrus the skeletons, Omega Flowey the flower, Asirel the goat, Frisk the human and some other characters who are a ghost, fish and a bird.

Controversy Edit

This is a list of things people have done that sparked a few flames

  • Complaining of too much Undertale on Drawception.
  • Accusing users who didn't get Undertale references of deliberately "derailing" the game.
  • Shoehorning Undertale-related things into games (for example drawing Sans when it says "skeleton".)
  • Complaining of, not too much Undertale per se, but too much Sans, on Drawception.
  • Accusing people who complain of the fans shoehorning and accusing people of derailing Undertale games of being haters.
  • Actually hating on Undertale.

Games that Reference the Controversy Edit

Regular Undertale-Related Games Edit