Vodyote is a Drawception user (profile) who joined the site on February 18th, 2017 and who created his current account on August 12th, 2018. He is best known for being an active presence on the forums and for captioning heavily, even though he has been trying to draw more often as of recently.

History Edit

Vodyote created his first account, Rocko Wallaby (later renamed to Kedamono,) in February of 2017, after discovering Drawception through Google Images. He became an active forum presence not too long afterwards, driven by his writing skill and his willingness to get along with almost anyone. He lost his password to the Kedamono account and created a new account, Vodrake (later renamed multiple times, having been named Space Coyote by the time he deleted it) that he ended up deleting later on. He reached peak activity in Summer of 2017, getting along well with most users despite his lack of art skill and his immaturity, but later on, he grew bored of the website, deleting his account in December due to a combination of boredom and his opinion that the website was heading in the wrong direction. However, he rejoined in August of 2018 after coming to the conclusion that the website had improved, and became active on the forums again not too long afterwards.

Trivia Edit

He has always been best known for his writing ability. He used to be one of the site's best known roleplay hosts before roleplaying was prohibited, and he was also active on many character-related threads.

He is notorious for being one of the most overly emotional users on the website. However, as of recently, he is able to keep those emotions almost entirely to himself.

He makes mashup songs, however, most of them are fairly amateur.

His favorite palettes are Grimby Grays, Grayscale, and Canyon Sunset.

He mostly draws landscapes and inanimate objects. He struggles with drawing realistic people and realistic animals, often making their features cartoonishly exaggerated, especially the fingers/toes.