One of the first renditions of Western Chicken, by Azaeroth.

Western Chicken (or WesternChicken) is a meme character in Drawception. As the name suggests, it is a chicken in Old West attire, usually drawn in an adequate scenery. One of it's most distinguishable features is a tall, round hat, in the likes of a Stetson.


While not much is known about Western Chicken's personality, it does seem to fit the "Good-hearted Cowboy" stereotype. It is sometimes seen with Sheriff Hippo.


The earliest record we have of Western Chicken is in the following game: EXPLOSION!!!, as a fully realised character by Sharleen et all. Other players then created multiple games with Western Chicken in the starting caption, and gradually Western Chicken embedded itself in Drawception's common culture, aided by it's simplicity and intuitiveness.

Games featuring Western ChickenEdit